Sunday, April 3, 2016

How will apps and social media availability be managed on the computers during school hours?

All Chromebooks will be managed via the Roncalli Google Apps for Education (GAFE) domain.  All applications will be installed and removed by GAFE.

Since each Chromebook has a built-in Google Chrome browser, controlling access to all websites presents additional challenges.  The Roncalli network has a web filtering solution, Lightspeed.  It filters traffic by categories, as well as tracks all Internet activity by user and device.  

Lightspeed has a feature that will allow teachers to control what websites and how many browser windows may be open at one time.  This technology will be used during testing and assessments restricting a student to just one browser window and a single or set of websites.

If all of this is too technical, the bottom-line is that we have tools in place to restrict and track access.  Roncalli teaches digital citizenship.  All users, including students, teachers, and staff are responsible for their use of digital assets.  Inappropriate use is not tolerated.


  1. What about digital content safety at home?


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