Monday, June 6, 2016

How will the Chromebooks be stored during lunch?

Question continued:  Will they fit in our lockers, or risk being banged around in our bags during lunch?

The Chromebooks will fit in your locker.  They will also fit in your bags / backpacks.  Families are encouraged to purchase a backpack that has a padded bottom to best protect the Chromebook.

There will be a charging cart in the Cafeteria.  It has a limited number of slots.  It should be reserved for those that need to charge their Chromebook to last the remainder of the school day.

Will there be any instructions available for setting up accounts (Google drive, gmail, etc.) for freshmen?

Yes, these accounts are automatically setup for the students.  A brief introduction will be included when we issue the Chromebooks.  For complete information regarding the schedule for issuing Chromebooks, click here.  We utilize time in English or Religion class (these are two classes that every student must attend) in the first few days of school to cover login and password procedures.

All students are issued a six-digit ID from our student management system, Schoolmaster.  That ID stays with the student for their entire Roncalli experience.  This ID is used for logging into our Windows based computers, as well as logging into the Chromebooks.

This same ID will become the student e-mail address:  The Cafeteria management system also uses this ID.