Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Charging Of Laptops During School

As a reminder, students should NOT bring their Chromebook charging cords to school.  It is not practical or safe to have cords across walkways, aisles and in hallways throughout the building.  If a student requires charging during the day, the best option is the Cafeteria.  It is open and accessible all day.  The Media Center is open before and after school only.  For those in Physical Education, it offers the students the opportunity to charge their Chromebook safely during that particular class period.

If a student's fully charged Chromebook does not last the entire day, please have them stop by the IT department.  There may be a problem with the Chromebook.

Lastly, a student should drain the battery all the way down about once a month.  This will help the longevity of the battery.