Friday, April 1, 2016

Are there plans to enhance the Wifi reception?

Wi-Fi / wireless is available throughout the main building from the Cafeteria to the Show Choir room in the Fine Arts wing.  It is also available in the Annex, Blockhouse, and Training Room.  Public Wi-Fi is available in all the same locations for students and guests to utilize while on campus.  There is no password, however, a the user must accept our terms and conditions via a splash screen.

The main purpose is for administrative and academic use.  When our Gym is full of fans, wireless may be slow as a single Wi-Fi Access Points (WAP) covers the entire gym.  This is plenty for our administrative and academic needs, but may not be for a capacity-filled gym.

Additional WAP's will be installed in classroom areas that don't have their own WAP today.  Wireless technology continues to improve; hence new WAP's perform better than older WAP's.  Our wireless management software provides utilization statistics that will be used to rearrange WAP's in the most effective areas throughout our facilities.

To complete the wireless discussion, there is no public Wi-Fi available in our stadium or other athletic fields.  The stadium wireless is for media use only.


  1. Are there future plans for stadium wireless?

  2. We have provided stadium wireless for about three years, however it is designed for media in the press box. The stadium is not connected to our computer network larger, it is connected directly to a Comcast 10MB Internet. If we provide Internet to the public during events, we would need to increase the capacity; if we provide Internet to students, we would be required to filter it, as we do through the school buildings.

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