Wednesday, August 3, 2016

First Day Update

We have completed our Chromebook distribution.  1195 Chromebooks were picked up leaving only five unclaimed.

All students attended an assembly today; our Chromebook 1to1 initiative was one of the topics.  Here is a quick recap.

  • The Chromebook is a tool similar to a calculator, pencil, or book.  It should be brought to school each day, fully charged.
  • Charging cords should be left at home.  Students will not be allowed to plug in their charging cords at school.  If a Chromebook is low on charge, there are charging stations in the Media Center, Cafeteria, and Resource Room.  There are also charging stations for use during PE class.  
  • Need help? Contact the IT Department.  IndyTeleData provides IT services from 30 minutes before school begins to 30 minutes after school each day.  The IT Office is Room 106 3/4, between Room 106 and Room 108.  Or simply e-mail .
  • Printers are located in the Media Center.  There is a printer for each graduation year.  Students will need to retrieve their print out before or after school as the Media Center is not available to students during the school day.
  • Can the students decorate the Chromebook?  Yes.  Do NOT cover the asset tag (Red tag on the bottom).  Decorations must be appropriate.  
  • Protective cases my be purchased from the Spirit Wear Store or elsewhere.  Replacement charger cords must be purchased from the Spirit Wear Store.  


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