Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What Will Happen With Used Chromebooks

Original question - The original communications said the Chromebooks would be turned in at the end of the student's time at Roncalli, but now they will be the student's to keep? I know my daughter will not want hers because she has previously used one. Could you offer some sort of buyback option or the opportunity to sell it to an incoming student? Maybe Roncalli could buy it back and offer a slightly reduced tuition to a family for taking a used one, at least their first year?

The long term cycle for Chromebooks is for a student to receive a new Chromebook when they enroll as a Freshman.  The device will have a four year warranty attached to it.  The four year warranty provides the school the piece of mind that all devices are covered for their four year life in the school building.  As with all technology, there is an optimal, useful life.  We have set the optimal useful life for Chromebooks at four years.  Upon graduation, the student will keep the Chromebook. 

We have previously discussed the possibility of a student turning in their Chromebook upon graduation.  Unfortunately, there is not a need for those devices at Roncalli after four years.  

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