Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Loaner Devices

Charging stations will be available in the Cafeteria, and Resource Rooms before, during, and after school. A charging station will be available in the Media Center before and after school. All PE students will be able to charge their devices during class.

What happens if the student forgets their Chromebook?  Loaner devices will be available from the Media Center.  They are for school use only.  Students will be required to return the loaner unit before leaving school for the day.   Update - Loaner devices will NOT be available.  If a student leaves their device at home, they will have to make-up their work.  If a student's device is not charged, a student may use one of the charging stations before, during or after school.

What happens if the device is being repaired?  A maintenance spare will be available from the IT Office.  A maintenance spare may be used for multiple days at a time.  Students will be allowed to take the device home.


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  3. Charging stations will be accessible in the Cafeteria, and Resource Rooms essay writing service australia
    previously, during, and later school. A charging station will be accessible in the Media Center prior and then afterward school. All PE understudies will actually want to charge their gadgets during class.

  4. Charging stations will be available in the Cafeteria and Resource Rooms Buy Coursework Help Usabefore, during, and after school. Prior to and after school, a charging station will be available in the Media Center. All PE students will wish to charge their devices throughout class.

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